OMG, is all I can say about this product. Its amazing. Its an innovative all-in-one anti-ageing moisturiser, prep, primer, illuminator & tint that evens the skin.
Honestly I dunno how I have ever lived without this product before. I simply wear it on its own for a daytime look and at night I put my favorite liquid foundation on over the top. Its great for all skin types and is literally like coffee for the skin, gives your face the wake up call it needs. ITS A MUST BUY ladies.. Best of all if you have a masterclass or attend a masterclass ran by myself you get 10% off which is fantastic, plus many places have sold out online but I have the key to supplies :)
Jemma Kidd Masterclass@HOME, whats that I hear you ask?? well its a new concept of teaching makeup in the comfort of your own home or chosen venue. Jemma Kidd has cleverly thought of a great way of bringing knowledge and fun of makeup literally to your front door.
I am so excited to announce I am now an associate tutor for Jemma Kidd and will be starting Masterclass's. If you are interested please go to the masterclass tab on the left to find out more about it.
Ive been very lucky to work with a fantastic photographer Phil Dickson of PSD photography. The 1st shoot we worked with some Dance students doing portfolio shots and the most recent was with the Winner of Miss Universe Glasgow Emma Blyth. Photo's to follow soon :)
The Wedding fair at the Edinburgh corn exchange was a great weekend. I met some lovely exhibitors and some lovely brides to be. All in all I think the weekend was a success. Im not sure though if I will be attending the next one, but will keep you posted
Im so excited , I am going to be at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange Wedding fair on Sat the 5th of March and Sunday the 6th of March. This is my 1st official Wedding fair and im so looking forward to it. 2 days jam packed with makeovers and meeting new people.
Hopefully Ill have lots to blog and lots of pictures to post
What a day this started off to be, screaming baby, step child to take to football and other step child to entertain and a husband who is trying to pack for working away, a makeup case to pack and a MIA grandad.. sorry I digress, back to the shoot. Working with Barrie and Fiona Spence (Entropic Tendencies) is always a pleasure, but today I also had the pleasure of working with Grieg Middlemiss (Different Light photography) . The models were lovely also, there was Susie, Jade, and Brian.
Makeup and hair to be done and the clock was ticking, as I could only stay till 4.15 pm ( Because of the MIA grandad). Susie was first, Hair quiffed, curls at the side. Lovely. I airbrushed and as always and fantastic result. Susie was suited and booted and was ready to go, Jade was next, she has amazing red hair and it was well behaved, Did what it was told, Airbrushed again, also another amazing result. Next was our male model, a little airbrush here a little airbrush there, and voila.
I was sad I couldnt stay around for the whole shoot, especially as they were shooting at Mary kings close later that evening. Hopefully next time. Once I have the pics I will have them uploaded here and in my gallery.
Well with my new look website I thought I would start blogging, I will update you with all thats new with me, what I have going on and about the great people I have the pleasure of working with.